Sunday, June 2, 2013

Crossfit, you had me at thrusters

Seriously, Crossfit athletes are bad  mamajamas. And I so badly want to be one. Although, I'm pretty sure that's how God made me. Evidenced by one really rough day this past April. The following morning, my mom asked, "how are you still standing, honey?" From deep within, I felt this strength tighten around me and I replied, "Because mom, I'm a B.A.That's just how God made me." How the heck else does one make it through tough times? God-given strength. Its not me... I am so weak. That's why I've been up since 1am and its now 4:37am as I type this. Because my flesh fails at times. My mind won't shut off. I can't seem to find the answers probably staring me in the face.

Speaking of that...I'm positive I have body dysmorphia or the Crossfit trainer is a liar. I walked into my first class in over a year, met the trainer and filled out the waiver. As I was doing that he said, "clearly you do something, what's your weekly regimen?" I almost laughed in his face. Thank you, Mister Beast Man trainer. Best compliment ever! I dined out on that one all day. But, Um, are you talking to me? Yeah, I haven't worked out consistently since last June. This guy is nutzo. Or maybe I am. I will say, working out and teaching with Baby Boot Camp for 4&1/2 years was awesome sauce!!! Killer work out. I gained so much muscle. But I have never been a beast. I wish people could take pictures with their eyes and we could see them. Wouldn't it be amazing to see what they see? What perspective! Maybe we'd actually believe the good stuff about ourselves? And vice versa. We all need a sober estimate from time to time or nothing changes for the better. All I can see is jiggly under arms, belly chub to shave off and fat in the upper thigh quadrant.  But Crossfit is already doing what it does. My entire body hurts. In places I never knew I had muscle. Thrusters, you nasty sounding crazy exercise, I love you. But not as much as pull-ups with those thick giant sized rubber hand thingies.

By the way, it was a no-go on the sledge hammer and tire exercise. The other location had ganked their sledge hammers. Dirty trick, Universe, dirty trick :p