Friday, July 26, 2013


No one chooses to leave, to end their marriage. No one chooses the heart ache for themselves or their children.

My heart wrestles, churns and stirs and burns inside my chest. I'm not perfect, no, not at all. But I gave myself 100%, without abandon.
Naively gave myself. That you cannot argue. You know its true. I gave myself, I gave myself to you.

What did you say? I heard your whisper. The wind carried it here. I know your truth but you won't say it.  You'll say I walked away. But the wind carried your truth. I wont be blown away. I'm still standing. Because of Him, I'm still standing. Because I'm made strong. I'm still standing.

Something strong inside is trying to come out. I don't know what but I'll see it through. I'll see it through and so will you. You'll say who's that woman now? I wish I had tried. But it'll be too late for that, I'll be too tough inside. No more lies from you.

No more lies, no more late nights. No more negotiations, no more fightls. Its just me now. Its no longer us. I never thought I'd see the day our love would die. Never thought that'd be us.