Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cupcakes and Playdates

"i just started reading the Pioneer Woman's blog. wish homeschooling wasn't a part of it. kinda detracts to her blog for me. not sure why. to this mom, thats crazy talk, makes my skin crawl. wouldn't the kids get sick of mama at some point? cut the cord! (to my homeschooling friends, please do not take offense.) - just a sampling of my blog if i had one, which is why i don't because i would inevitably offend someone."
but i couldn't bring myself to post this in my facebook status update, so i did, in fact, start a blog. now that i read, it is a bit judge-y. man, that sucks. thats so not how i mean it to be. just a world away from the mindset of homeschooling, thats all. i enjoy cupcakes and play dates and i'm pretty sure my kids do to. that and i guess, i like sitting in traffic.